Wedge Island South Australia

Island between Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula

Private Islands in South Australia

Wedge Island is a gorgeous island located between Yorke Peninsula and Eyre Peninsula in South Australia. This private island is home to only a few dwellings and very rarely has multiple people on the entire island.

Our unique holiday rental has been designed to accommodate 15 people so your family and friends can all experience what it is like to live on a private island. To get to the island you can either charter a plane from Parafield Airport, Warooka or Port Lincoln Airport, or you can charter a boat from Marion Bay or Port Lincoln.

This holiday rental is unlike any other South Australian accommodation and our guests often tell us that they keep coming back to it due to it’s total seclusion and unique experience.

Gambier Islands South Australia

The Gambier Islands is located in South Australia and is a small group of islands that is in the trance to Spencer Gulf, lying between the southern end of Eyre Peninsula and Yorke Peninsula. The largest island in this group is Wedge Island, where we have set up our holiday accommodation.

The other islands are North Island, South West Rock and Peaked Rocks. These islands make part of the Gambier Islands Conservation Park which is a protected area that is home to seabirds, Australian sea lions and Little Penguins.

These islands are also home to 1% of the White-faced Storm Petrels population, Ospreys, Peregrine Falcons and White-Bellied Sea Eagles.

Is Wedge Island Private Property?

Wedge Island is partly Crown Land and partly privately owned, Crown Land referring to a territorial area that belongs to the march. The island was used for farming for 130 years following European settlement of the region, but now is mainly used for accommodations such as ours.

Wedge Island has an airstrip for private plane charters, a pier and a lighthouse. The waters around the island are a popular destination for recreational fishing and some of South Australia’s most unique diving.

Wedge Island History South Australia

Wedge Island was used for farming for 130 years by European settlement but currently does not have permanent inhabitants. There is no shops, petrol stations or many other houses. The island was named in 1802 by Matthew Flinders and was used to breed horses for the British Indian Army along with sheep and cattle grazing.

The island is also known for the radar station used in World War ll, by the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF). Around 40 RAAF personnel occupied a bunker that was constructed near the lighthouse for several years.

Now the island is home to a few dwellings, a lighthouse and an abundance of rare South Australian species such as the South Hairy-Nosed Wombat, a Little Penguin Colony, Ospreys and Australian Sea Lions.

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